Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan Anguridevi Shersingh, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2021-22

Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan Anguridevi Shersingh, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2021-22

The school plays a very important role in developing correct life values in the school environment and through the behavior of the principal and the teachers. Their interaction with role models and teachers while teaching/learning leaves an indelible positive impression on their minds. Dr.Abdul-Kalam reappeared when he visited our school: “Leave a boy with a good teacher for eight years in school, and you will find that he has become a good man” after school. 

Children’s personalities can be transformed or modified to become good humans only good in schools. The quality of integrity, honor, sacrifice, perseverance, and perseverance are also cultivated in schools.

Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan Anguridevi Shersingh, Delhi
Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan Anguridevi Shersingh, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2021-22


Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan Anguridevi Shersingh, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2021-22


School Board:




Hostel Facility:

Day School


Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan Anguridevi Shersingh Memorial Academy, Greater Kailash – II, New Delhi – 110048

Contact Number

01129221798, 01129228815, 01129229922

Email ID


Affiliations, Recognition, and other Achievement:

  1. Recognized by: CBSE

  2. Affiliation No: 2730285

  3. Aid Status: Private

Facilities :

  1. Library

  2. Computer Lab

  3. Science Lab

  4. Math Lab

  5. Smart Classes

  6. Sports


Admission (special wing)

The school attempts to provide an environment that provides emotional safety for children to develop their physical, mental, and social potential to the fullest. The school’s policy is not to exert too much pressure or burden the children. We integrate disabled children with normal children and help them develop a sense of self-reliance.
Hearing-impaired children: 1 child 4 years old and above is permitted. At the beginner level, the emphasis is placed on speech and language development, paving the way for their integration with their regular peers. The CBSE curriculum is followed through to the eighth semester. Open education, which spans one semester, is accredited at the secondary and tertiary levels. All children have the opportunity to integrate.
Children with intellectual disabilities: Kindergarten is admitted from the age of 4. Academic emphasis is placed on self-help skills. The CBSE curriculum is followed with adjustments to accommodate the special needs of children with mental disabilities. After the eighth trimester, the children are examined. Children have chosen to pursue secondary and higher education through an open educational system. Professional training is provided in printing, handloom, paper recycling, paper converting, candle making, envelope making, sewing, house management, etc.

Admission (General Wing)

Admission to pre-school (nursery) 2019-20 The registration process begins on December 15, 2018. The registration forms will be available on the school website from December 15, 2018, to January 7, 2019, and a hard copy with the required documents must be submitted at the school reception desk every working day from 09:00 in the morning until 12:00. Age criteria: According to the rule, a child seeking admission must be in Preschool-Grade 3+ (Nursery) as of March 31, 2019. The essential details are updated in the admission policy.

Age Criteria for Admission 2020

For Admission to class



5 Years


6 Years


7 Years


8 Years


9 Years


10 Years


11 Years


12 Year


Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan Anguridevi Shersingh Fees Structure


Registration Fee (one time) INR 25/-




Prospectus (one time) INR 150/-




Admission Fee (one time) INR 200/-




Security- refundable (one time) INR 500/-




Annual Charges INR 2,200/-




Development Charges INR2,500/-




CCE and House Activities INR Rs.800/-


Tuition fees:


Nursery to Class V – INR 19140/-




Class VI to X – INR 20880/-


Documents required for registration and admission 2020

  1. A copy of the order of the guardian movement and its incorporation into the mission
  2. Certificate of the unit operating according to the format provided on the back of the registration form. This certification must be signed by the CO (in the case of Independent Coy), the CO or a manager at the district level, or the Army Base / Hospital Registrar. (Certificate signed by other authorities will not be accepted)
  3. A copy of the report card from the last semester was attended
  4. 2 passport size photo