Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2021-22

Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2021-22

The history of the Army Public School, Daula Cowan, began in 1953 at King Edward Road, now Maulana Azad Road (MAR). At the MAR Officers’ Refuge, a group of enterprising officer wives decides to start a school with 35 students in nursery and kindergarten. Mrs. Mercy Benjamin was its first director. In 1962, Mr. AET Barrow inspected the school and recognized it for its association with the International Study Center. The school now has around 5,000 students and 200 teachers on its list. The school is run by the Army Welfare Education Association. It has been more than 67 years since the school was initially established and 49 years since it moved to its current location.

The school’s foundation was laid in Dhaula Kuan in 1964 by Shri YB Chavan, then Minister of Defense. In 1966, the school’s name was changed to the Defence Services Public School and by 1971 it had 600 students and 32 teachers and Lieutenant Colonel A.

Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi
Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2021-22


Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi: Admission, Academic, Fee 2021-22


School Board:




Hostel Facility:

Day School


Ridge Road, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi – 110010.

Contact Number


Email ID


Affiliations, Recognition, and other Achievement:

  1. Recognized by: CBSE

  2. Affiliation No: 2730003

  3. Aid Status: Private

Facilities :

  1. Library

  2. Computer Lab

  3. Science Lab

  4. Math Lab

  5. Smart Classes

  6. Sports


Admission checklist

Documents required for registration and admission

  1. A copy of the order of the guardian movement and its incorporation into the mission
  2. Certificate of the unit operating according to the format provided on the back of the registration form. This certification must be signed by the CO (in the case of Independent Coy), the CO or a manager at the district level, or the Army Base / Hospital Registrar. (Certificate signed by other authorities will not be accepted)
  3. A copy of the report card from the last semester was attended. If the child completes the semester exam, the report card for the current academic session must be attached.
  4. Two passport size photographs.


Class 1: birth certificate (original or copy/arrangement of the second part).




Class 2 to 12: Transfer certificate duly signed by the District Education Officer (excluding the cases of students from Army Schools, and Army Public Schools). Attendance details duly certified by the principal of the previous school, in case students in grades X and XII, join in the middle of the session.


Army Public School Fee Structure 2020

 Particulars Officer JCO OR Civilian
 TUITION FEE ( Per Month)
 Classes I-V 4,165 3,325 2,565 5,965
 Classes VI-X 4,545 3,665 2,955 6,325
 Classes XI-XII 4,925 4,270 3,505 7,125
 TAL FEE (Per Month) Classes I-XII 215 215 215 215
 SPORTS FEE (Per Month) Classes I-XII 150 150 150 150
 SCIENCE FEE (Per Month) 105 105 105 105
 Classes IX-X
 Classes XI-XII 215 215 215 215
 (For Science Students only)
Classes I-V Classes VI-X Classes XI-XII
7,500 5,985 4,610 10,735
8,165 6,590 5,325 11,375
8,860 7,685 6,315 12,825
 ANNUAL FEE (Per Annum) Classes   I-XII 5,225 5,225 5,225 6,535
Registration Fee Admission Fee Security (Refundable)
25 25 25 25
200 200 200 200
500 500 500 500


 BUS FEE (Per Month) 1,100 1,100 1,100 1,100
 UP TO 10 KM
 UP TO 15 KM 1,300


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